The Birthday Poem | Jasmine Hodges

I wasn’t going to be here

Darkness had its foot on my neck

I had planned it out more times than I can remember

There was no escape

No release, but then I realized

Every struggle, the abuse, every person that tried to hurt me

It is all bigger than me

They can’t kill me

My grandmother found out I had been molested by her son 

And she said, “You have a wild imagination my dear”

If I could go back

I would look her dead in her eyes and tell her I can hear our ancestors crying

Begging for mercy

For the muzzle to be released

For the chains, no the noose to be loosened and broken from around their necks

I don’t want your pity

No oos and aas, no hugs or fake cries 

I want you to do something

I want you to fight

Fight every single day to stay you

To stay beautifully true because if no one ever told you I love you

And you have a purpose that has yet to be fulfilled 

And that is why trouble follows you

That is why your mind is under attack 

Because the darkness sweetie

It does not want to see you win

To succeed or to let your people be free

We gotta keep fighting baby

Especially when it hurts

I know your heart is in the gutter, but we gotta do the work

Because we are the voice for our lineage and the trauma they still hold inside 

And dares not to let it come out to see these clear blue skies

Be better for you 

For her 

For all those before you

Can’t you hear your ancestors screaming

Begging for you to make a change 

To start a reaction,  to rattle some chains 

Start a spiritual revolution

Something like that of Sir Issac Newton but a little stronger

Breaking down these masters 

They can’t have you either 

We are healing

We are mighty

We are not going anywhere

So bring me that birthday cake 

Cause I deserve it 

And no I’m not tired I don’t need any sleep

I have two wishes to make 

That we be made whole

And that we remain true

Peace of mind and devine 

So when you feel like giving up

Turn your head to the left 

And see her whipping him wild 

And see him holding her neck 

And see that child crying herself to sleep silently at night 

And see them reaching for you

It’s not just for you 

You gotta keep going

And going

And going 

And never give up

And never give in

Because there is so much power that lies within

Be blessed

About Jasmine Hodges

Jasmine is a poet and an advocate for self-love. She aspires to motivate and inspire women to love themselves and pursue their dreams. She recently launched her first blog titled OshunRoyalty where her goal is to create a safe space for all women no matter the background and to foster sisterhood and community. 

She can be found on the following platforms:

Youtube: Jasminesoulchild

Instagram: @jasminesoulchild

Twitter: oshun_royalty

Blog: OshunRoyalty

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